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Electioneering in the World of Warcraft October 31, 2008

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This video is amazing* if you have ever had the opportunity to check out the game World of Warcraft. Enjoy!

*Thanks Michelle for sending this around.


Howie Forces Kate To Redecorate Living Room October 25, 2008

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Somebody In California Loves Me October 24, 2008

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Updates: My Belly-Button is Crowning October 23, 2008

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This will be an “updates” portion of the blog in order to keep y’all up to date on the fascinating physical and emotional changes taking place in the Cosby/Cockrill household.

1. The milk of human kindness: In order to keep this blog post at least somewhat tasteful I will refrain from giving too much detail about this new and exciting development. Suffice it to say, my breasts now have milk in them. It resembles no milk i have ever seen as it is not white in color but “legal pad yellow.” This first milk is called “colostrum” and has lots of special stuff in it for new babies. This new development has caused much musing in our household about the dual function of breasts (fun bags vs. work horses). I would call this development: exciting yet unsettling. There’s nothing more confrontingly “mama” than a leaky boob.

2. Nesting 3.0. This weekend Howie received our new carpet tiles from Flor. This is an environmentally sensitive company that sells modular carpet tiles. To check out our flor you can go to the website and look for “decaf” under the “morning coffee” section. We’ll post pictures of our newly carpeted living room soon. We also removed the cabinet doors from the shelving in our living room. We now spend our days imagining what our flor will look like covered in clean-but-unfolded baby clothes, toys and spilled food. We’re all “grownsed up” as Vince Vaughn says repeatedly in Swingers.

3. Gifts and Things: A couple people have asked where we are registered. So yesterday my friend Elizabeth and I began to put together a list of things that Howie and I might need. The world of baby things is LARGE and bewildering…but we are trying to negotiate these waters with humor and humility. Anyway, if anyone’s interested we’re registered at

4. Babyproofing our Marriage: Another update is that Howie and I took a class on how to “Baby-proof Our Marriage.” We thought it was a good idea since we’ve spent 5 years together 4 of which we’ve been married. We have our habits and our preferences and we know that EVERYTHING is going to change soon when our little bucket of joy and sunshine is born. Unfortunately the class was kind of a bummer…too much lecture…not enough connection with other couples. However, we did get to spend time near two teeny infants which was fun and instructive.

We start our home birth class November 11th.


Well that’s it for now. But there’s lots more to come. Obviously more nesting, classes and reading to do. We’ll update you with pictures of my rapidly expanding midsection (and face…sheesh). Hopefully we’ll come up with some decent Halloween costumes to share pictures of. Originally I was hoping to be Bristol Palin…but my damn cheerleading outfit is too too snug now.

Anyway, peace out friends…k & h


Blog-i-dation October 18, 2008

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Just a moment ago Jeremy and I had the following g-chat conversation which I would like to share with the makers of

Jeremy: body pillows are the new husbands is an amazing line
just by the way.

me: no one knows…unless you comment 😉
Jeremy: i validate. whether blog-idation or gchat-idation, it’s still validation
me: two things:
1. we MUST make and sell a shirt that says “i validate.”

2. blogs should have a comments section and a validation section. This could also be called the “what what” section, the “make some noise” section, or the “can i get a witness” section.
Jeremy: brilliant. agreed.


White People Like…. October 16, 2008

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making videos of themselves playing college a cappella music for their shetus.


ALERT: NESTCON 4 October 14, 2008

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