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Letters from Blissville September 30, 2008

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Sunday night, Kate & I had our musical debut as The Forever Endeavor.

Our friends Edward & Kelly held a benefit for the YMCA Scholars Program, and asked us to be the opening act for the evening’s main performer – Mike Errico.

Our set list:

  1. Islands In The Stream (Rogers/Parton)
  2. Alone (Heart)
  3. Never Tear Us Apart (INXS)
  4. Love Hurts (Parsons/Harris)
  5. Killing The Blues (Krauss/Plant)

Despite the fact that we only practiced the day of the show – and we were waaaay out of our league- apparently we killed. At least according to my mom, who was sitting in the front row.

BTW this fundraiser that Kelly put together raised $30,000. And we played to the largest audience that we’ve ever played to. Probably about 100 people.

Kate here to tell the rest of the story:

That lovely lady is my mother-in-law, Catherine Cockrill. She came to stay with us on Saturday and we’ve enjoyed her company. She got to see Howie’s studio and our newly painted apartment. She also brought us a smorgasbord of baby clothes from Howie’s sisters Ashley and Elizabeth who have 3 daughters between them. The baby clothes and other assorted accoutrement filled a duffle bag that was the size and shape of a fully grown person. So we’re basically set now.

In other pregnancy news, I have been walking around these last couple days with an overall sense of well-being. In the last two days I have treated myself to a facial and a massage. I got the book birthing from within and am thinking about beginning to “vision my birth” through “art therapy.”

Other than having heartburn and peeing 3 to 4 times per night my body still feels comfortable and capable. Not too big, not to sexy, but y’know not too bad. The baby is still moving around a lot – we actually saw an elbow do a shooting star move across my belly last night.

Howie and I are also doing well. We are kind of dopey on love right now…baby talking to each other and putting head phones on my belly to entertain the baby. The first song the baby heard was “Kooks” by David Bowie. Check it out here.


Headin’ To The East Side September 18, 2008

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Would we be a real foreverenedeavor if we failed to send “shout-outs” and support to our friends who are also embarking on their own paths toward foreverhood?

This weekend, Howie and I are going to celebrate Andrew and Marcie’s wedding Portland, Maine. I’ve never been…and it will definitely be the first lobster that Nashville Christmas will ever have. Andrew and Marcie make a beautiful couple and we can’t wait to go celebrate their lurve in the far northeast.

Other couples taking the plunge in the next year include:

Lauren and Desaray ( – Desaray is chronicling their wedding in dizzying detail. Check her out…she’s an amazing writer.

Elizabeth and Karl – After 7 years…they will be making an honest woman/man out of each other. No website yet…but I will keep you posted.

I know, I know…I’m starting to sound like a bad DJ here. So I will sign off with a hearty: Yay to marriage!

Enjoy this pic of MarPar and Mandrew.


Ba-Rock Me Obamadeus- A meditation on friendship September 17, 2008

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This weekend myself and 8 of my friends drove to NeVADa (vad sounds like “bad”) to canvass for Barack Obama. The work was fun and it felt important to walk precincts for my favorite candidate. We didn’t get too many people coming to the door because it was Saturday…but we still felt that we made a difference. Some of you may remember my canvassing days for Peace Action. I was excited to have the opportunity to break out my persuasive skills.  Although most of my family (and much of Howie’s) seems to be immune to my powers of persuasion…I have been known to persuade many an individual voter at their door.

The love and energy was also percolating among my friends.  Overall I’d say the weekend had a small political impact…but it reminded me how amazing my group of compatriots is. The shetus got lots of attention from the friends and it makes me happy to know how excited everyone is to welcome their new wee friend into the mix.

With the possibility of Barack Obama in the White House and the love and support of my friends and family (even those who fear “hope”)- I feel like this shetus couldn’t be coming into a better world.


Can I Buy a Vowel? September 12, 2008

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Jeremy couldn’t have known when he sent me this picture that I grew up down the street from Pat Sajak’s house in Severna Park, Maryland. Don’t believe me? Go to his Wikipedia page!  In fact, Natalie and I have definitely skinny dipped off of his pier.  But that’s not why i love this picture so much. 😉

We’re still working on names, people. If you don’t want to be calling this kid “nash bridges” for short…you better send us more ideas.

BTW, Desaray asked for a list of names that we are considering…however our attorneys have warned us against revealing too much too soon.  So it’s up to you to set the wheels of fate (and fortune) in motion…will your suggestion make it to the final naming puzzle?  Will you win the big prize?


Insane in the Membrane September 11, 2008

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I’m watching project runway and working up a list of Bios for an upcoming work conference. I have my computer on my lap and all of the sudden this little shetus is jumping up and down in my belly.

We tried last night to record my bumpin belly but the shetus was not interested in cooperating. We have two basic tactics to get movement out of our little Nashville Christmas. Ice cream and poking. Last night, we tried an ice cream bar. BTW, I asked the midwives today if my poking the shetus is child abuse. They assured me that doctors do much worse to get the babes to kick.


Meet the Nestersons September 9, 2008

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