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Kissy McDoteathon January 29, 2009

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Kissy McDoteathon Click here for your recommended daily allowance of sugar.


Indecision 2009 January 27, 2009

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Eliza and I are on the couch watching CNN at 10am on a Tuesday. Neither of us has had a bath lately.  I’m on the laptop trying to investigate vaccines and day care in the brief periods between feeding, burping, changing and consoling the baby. Oh and feeding myself. (Pause- goes to get bowl of cereal)

Not that I’m complaining. I think I am getting plenty of sleep and Howie and I are more in love with our daughter every day. We are obsessed with her developmental milestones. Last week, Eliza started tracking objects with her eyes. I laid her down in her baby jungle gym and played the light up musical butterfly while bouncing a stuffed lady bug in front of her eyes. She watched the bug. She’s a genius.

We also played this game with different scents since her sense of smell is developing this week. We waved vanilla and cinnamon under her nose and watched her lean forward and flare her nostrils with interest. Howie got the vanilla too close to her face leaving her with a Charlie Chaplin stache made of sticky brown extract.  FYI:  Babies don’t like the smell of oranges.  Eliza cringed and moved away.

In the midst of making these sweet memories and taking care of the immediate baby concerns…there is a lurking sense of big decisions to make in the future. The aforementioned childcare and vaccine decisions are the two that are coming to mind immediately. But I’m sure there are others. Parenting is a challenging mix of living in the present and making plans.  Howie and I are used to having a lot of time to research things, consider and discuss the evidence and make decisions.  But with the wee munchkin all of the little life sustaining activities cut into the research time. Our divided attention makes it difficult to discuss anything other than whose turn it is to change the baby or bounce her on the ball. Thus Indecision 2009.

I’m sure we’ll get it together. Just so you know, I lean toward vaccinating…but on an extended schedule. I also know where the day care resources are…even if I haven’t fully engaged in the process of reading the material and visiting the sites yet.  I just need to remember that these decisions will be made in the future when we’re ready. Anxiety now does nothing to help us make decisions later.

Besides, it could be much much more complicated.


In Your Face

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1.22.09 – In Your Face, originally uploaded by howiecockrill.


MySpace Mom January 26, 2009

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Goodbye Troutface…Hello Eliot January 23, 2009

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To prevent him from being beaten up  in grade school, the Bennons have finally chosen a name for their child that is NOT “troutface.”

Please welcome to the world: Eliot Henry Bennon

Hopefully we’ll have a picture to put up soon. Until then…here’s a picture of another famous Eliot.



Hot off the Presses!!! January 21, 2009

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Natalie and Brady’s baby has been born!!!

A quote from Brady’s mom’s email:

“He is 7 lbs, 10 oz, and 21 ” long.  Brady says he has long fingers and toes, and “a little bit of blondish hair.”  He was born in the birthing tub.  Brady said that it was a long and difficult day, especially toward the end, but everyone is fine.”

Congratulations Natalie and Brady on the birth of your baby! I’m so excited to meet your son and to introduce him to his “cousin” Eliza Jane.  Good luck picking out a name for little Troutface.


Strollin with my Homies

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The day we accidentally went to Walnut Creek.