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The Crack of Dawn April 30, 2008

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I know that parents out there are probably laughing as they read this but…one thing I was not prepared for with this whole pregnancy thing was becoming a “morning person.” Nevertheless morning sickness has descended on me like a hot wet blanket.

For the past 3 mornings I have been up at 5:30am. Not because I’m so rested (although I am going to bed at around 9:30pm now) but because I am awoken by this strange queasy feeling in my stomach…which will not allow me to go back to sleep. Yuck. Here’s the email i wrote to Howie the first day of this experience:

Subject: You Cured Me

Hey, I appreciated your looks of pity this morning. I’m sorry i was so inconsolable. It’s kind of like a low grade nausea that makes me want to just keep moving without encountering anyone. I might just need to shark around the house in the morning. Y’know just keep swimming and try not to bump into anything.

However, i went to make myself a cup of tea after dry heaving for the 3rd time and found out you had bought me this delicious concoction of ginger and lemon. Just smelling it made me feel better. Thank you.



…Uh… April 29, 2008

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....and so it begins


The Name Game

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Howie and I have been thinking about having kids since we met. More specifically we have been naming them. Conversations go like this:

“Hey Howie, what if we had a baby named ‘Sandwich’ that we called ‘Sandy’?”

“Hey Kate, what if we had a baby named Richard that we called ‘Pickle’?”

One of our most favorite conversations happened with our friend Nicole. She asked us which baby name was definitely out and at the exact same time we said “Stanley.”

Most recently we’ve been talking about having a son named Cougar Dan. “Cougar” because we felt strongly that John Mellancamp should not walk away from such a strong beautiful name. Equal parts totem animal and football jersey. Additionally we loved to call out to our pre-implanted child with a deep southern accent like we wanted him to get us something from the fridge. “Hey Cougar…get daddy a beer.” Say it like Billy Bob Thorton and you will see the attraction to the name.

Well low and behold after many years of discussion of baby names we have now found ourselves pregnant. Or rather Kate is pregnant and Howie is now learning how to cook things that don’t make her throw up. And we have like many modern parents decided that it is best to put the details of this our most intimate experience on the internet. Hence the ‘Forever Endeavor.’ Originally the name for our two-person band. But equally good to commemorate the beginning of a being that will be asking us for money for the rest of our lives.

And of course, since you were wondering which names were cast aside in the development of our blog, they are:

The Daily Puke

What’s Growin On?

Stork and Beans

Stork Raving Mad

Preggo My Eggo

The Canal

…you can clearly see why we settled on “the forever endeavor.”