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The Mystery… November 24, 2008

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Can you help us solve it?

PS. there was one also addressed to our baby.  by name.  but since we haven’t announced it yet….we’re stumped. 😉


Baby Shower and Bro Bath November 18, 2008

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A more exhaustive description/reflection on the baby shower will be forthcoming…however I thought I should put up some pictures today for my most avid readers.

This weekend was the weekend of the Baby Shower and the Bro Bath. The baby shower happened at Hannah Hogan’s house (aka Nicholas Collins house) and was hosted by my 6 amazing friends Natalie, Desaray, Dina, Elizabeth, Anne and Hannah. It was SUCH A GREAT DAY. They didn’t let me do anything!!! It was like eating at your favorite restaurant, winning the lottery, getting a massage, and hugging someone you haven’t seen for a year ALL IN ONE DAY!!!! I feel so lucky to have such terrific friends. Really everyone was terrific- every single blessed one of you.

My little girl has some bad-ass fairy god-aunts and mothers!

Howie had a Bro Bath which consisted of getting drunk on whiskey and playing music at his ultra-hip music studio. You could chill 100 martinis on the amount of cool produced at C-Change Studios on Saturday. (By the way, that’s pronounced “Sea Change” not “Kuh-Change”)

Here are some pics of the events.





Placenta Polenta November 11, 2008

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Happy Veterans Day! Howie and I celebrated by watching two episodes of the John Adams miniseries. An HBO production that should be subtitled: Principled Men with Very Bad Teeth

I have off of work today. Howie doesn’t.  I’m feeling a little under house arrest. Howie has already cleaned the house so I have nothing to do except write this blog and listen to my “chillax” playlist that Howie made me on I-Tunes.  Every once and a while the playlist settles on a childbirth guided imagery and it takes me a minute of zoning out to remember to skip on to “Iron and Wine” or “Bon Iver.”

Last night we had dinner with Hannah and Nick. Hannah made scrumptious and nutritious bone soup with extra chinese herbs for energy.  But after about an hour of eating and hanging out I started having B/H contractions again…one right after another. So we went home so I could take a warm bath and…relax. Again, a new theme in my life.

Our midwives brought us a video of a home birth to watch. It was short with not much commentary from anyone other than the woman who gave birth.  Compared to other home birth videos we’ve watched, the absence of other people’s points of view made it more intimate, less preachy.  The mom is from Mexico and is herself a midwife. She gave birth in a tub with her husband and her two naked boys (age 3 and 6) looking on from outside the bath tub.  She caught the baby herself and then rested in the tub for a minute before getting out, wrapping up in a big towel and sitting on a birth chair to deliver the placenta. Once she nursed the baby, the placenta seemed to come out easily. It was all pretty natural and normal seeming. She says with each birth she tries to “do it with less and less fear.”  I’m into that concept in a big way.

Placenta’s are pretty amazing things. A full organ that develops only to nourish the baby.  They look pretty gross once they are out, purple red balloons with a long white umbilical string.  Yet many people think it is important to honor the placenta in some way, for all the work it has done.  Nick and Hannah, who are herbalists and acupuncturists, recently dried the placenta of another friend. They make it into capsules if you want to ingest it.  I’ve heard of other things like recipes for placenta lasagna (placenta polenta?!)…but I just don’t think I can bring myself to ingest my placenta. Even though I believe it can be good for you.

I have at least two friends whose mothers planted trees with their placentas. This seems like a beautiful ritual especially if you live in one place and can go back to visit your placenta from time to time.  Unfortunately we rent. I’m not sure how our landlord, Mr. Hwang, would feel about Howie and I planting a pomegranet tree with a placenta in the front yard.

Some people freeze their placentas when they don’t know what to do with them.  That also seems like a bad idea. I can just see us on our last day in this apartment arguing about what to do with the placenta in the freezer.  Leave it for the next tenants? One person’s medical waste is another person’s treasure…right?

Feel free to send us your placenta recipes and rituals. Once we decide, we’ll send you a loaf of placenta bread or a video of our placenta catapult ritual. Maybe we can bury the placenta in a time capsule.

Howie and I are also getting down right excited for this baby. If I deliver right smack on time…there are only about 7 weeks left until we meet our daughter.  Wow-how time flies! Lately we’ve been taking to guessing her features: dimples? hair? good sleeper? chunky? long and skinny? nurses easily? fights all the way?

Howie was bald for months, I had hair. But we both agree that once he got hair…it was better looking than mine. Our cuteness as children seems to have happened in opposing phases. I was a cute newborn…but looked like I had some chromosomal abnormalities during my toddler years. Howie was a cute toddler but shopped in the “husky section” until high school. I was cuter in college and when we met I was cuter…and well we both think Howie’s cuter now. Feel free to disagree.  But we see ourselves as cute ships passing in the night.

Beyond guessing our child’s height/weight and overall hirsutism, we’re watching other parents with children and beginning to think “Howie might zerbert our daughter’s belly like that.” or “Kate might like to munch on fingers like that mom?” Our excitment is mounting…for the birth…for the baby…and for parenthood. We spend a lot of time looking at each other and asking “can you believe it?” And it’s like we can…but then again, we can’t.


Gourd-geous November 8, 2008

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Post-Election High…Blood Pressure? November 7, 2008

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It’s been a very exciting couple days in Berkeley, California. Barack Obama won the White House by a landslide, we defeated another parental-notification law (for the 3rd time in 4 years), and the Dems are back in control of both houses of Congress.

Our little girl will be born to a more progressive world it seems. The only drawback on election day was the passing of an amendment to California’s constitution which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. This law effectively takes away the right to gay marriage that folks in our state have enjoyed for about 6 short months. Ugh. Civil rights take a long time to secure…but it’s a rainy parade out here with our first African-American president elected on the same night that the California electorate removed the rights of gay people.

Enough preaching for now. I know that some of my readers may be less interested in my liberal-leanings and more interested in my developing bump (pictured above). So the girl in the tum-tum is growing fast and is now maxing out at 3 and 3/4 pounds. She is also, shall we say, in a hurry.

As I mentioned before in the blog, I have been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. And apparently they are preparing me for labor in a big way. Upon examination on Tuesday night, my midwives revealed that I’m already 1.5 cm dilated and my cervix is soft and forward. The baby has also dropped into position and she now rides low in my pelvis. Also my blood pressure was much higher than it had been in any other exam.

What does this all mean you ask? Well no one quite knows. It seems to mean that I’m preparing for labor…a little early. So the cure is a big helping of “chill the eff out.” Upon recommendation of my midwives I have been relaxing this week to avoid more contractions which lead to a softer- more open cervix. Relaxing is hard because it competes with the nesting hormones which inspire outbursts of curtain hanging and stockpiling of food. However, relaxing (and hydrating) is also working…because the contractions have been way way less frequent since my midwife appointment.

The overall goal is to keep this babe on the inside until 37 weeks. Then, I can still have her at home with my husband, my mom and my midwives in a tub. (That’s right…all in a tub together.) So, all of you out there…keep your legs crossed for me and the shetus. We’re hoping for an uneventful home delivery of a baby that is full term.


We Will Be Invincible… November 4, 2008

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Many of my friends and family (and their friends and family) have been working hard to get Barack Obama elected in to office this year. These people have phoned swing states, walked precincts, flown to red areas of the country and spent their hard-earned money. Despite all this hard work, I have spent the day talking to people who, at mile 25 of the marathon, are hunched over and asking for Gatorade.

IMHO Pat Benetar is auditory gatorade. Please watch this video and sing this song to yourselves as you march to the polls tonight and tomorrow.

“We can’t afford to be innocent,

Stand up and face the enemy,

It’s a do or die situation,

We will be invicible.

And with the power of conviction,

There is no sacrifice,

It’s a do or die situation,

We will be invincible.” (Follow this by an 80’s stadium rock scream)


If this doesn’t raise your spirits then perhaps these cute pictures of Barack with children will help.


Okay, I have to admit. Nothing I can do or say will make these next two days less of a nail-biter. But I want everyone who reads this blog (and who wants Barack to be president) to keep the faith. Self-doubt and anxiety will get us no where. It’s about VOTING and HOPE. It’s all about Vope.

Time is love,



The Final Countdown Babble November 3, 2008

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Today is the 32 week anniversary of my last menstrual period. I will be eating a brownie in commemoration. This also means that I am only 8 short weeks away from my due date which is December 29th, 2008.  Two interesting and completely unrelated factoids:

1. A demographer friend recently pointed out to me that pregnancy is a very very excellent form of birth control. Not because it discourages other people from becoming pregnant…but because you can not have another pregnancy event when you are ALREADY pregnant. Think about that all you public-health-family-planning fans!

2. December 29th is the 4 year anniversary of me and Howie’s wedding.  That’s right. Just 4 short years ago we were married in Stevensville, Maryland at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. It was a younger, thinner time for both of us.

I personally think it would be pretty cool if our kid was born on our wedding anniversary. But we’ll just have to see about that.  Apparently most babies are born late…but I’m having this feeling that this pregnancy could not possibly last longer then the new year. Part of my feeling is based on the fact that I have been having rather persistant Braxton Hicks contractions. My midwives and I are watching them closely…and don’t think they are a problem or are indicating preterm labor…but I basically think my uterus is getting a work out and preparing to deliver on time.  My second reason is because I think that I remember when Howie and I made this little bundle of joy…and I think that our due date is slightly earlier than the ultrasounds predict.

So what do you all think? Is anyone out there feelin Christmas? The first day of Hanukkah (December 21 this year)? Or do you think our little one will be ringing in the New Year.

Yes, we know we get a tax credit if we can get her out before Jan.1…but we’re just crossing our fingers that she’s healthy 😉