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Baby Katie September 29, 2009

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I know she looks a LOT like Howie. But I did find this one picture where I think she…I mean she looks a little like me right? Right, guys?


Actually looking at this picture it’s amazing…because I’m probably like 5 or 6 months old but I have pretty long hair. And it’s brown.

Eliza’s got this thick straight blond hair. “Cosby hair” we think. My niece Hannah had this kind of hair. This past summer when Eliza and I went to Muir Woods with the Wogslands my cousin Cara reminded me what gorgeous-long-beautiful-amazing-adult-like hair my niece Hannah had when she was only 2 years old. She had a page boy with bangs when some other toddlers are still growing fuzz.

Eliza’s is still catching up lengthwise but it is very densely packed on her head. When I nurse her I run my fingers through her hair trying to find the lingering evidence of cradle cap…but it’s kind of lost in the bushiness of it all.

She’s a gorgeous kid.


Dinner for Three September 28, 2009

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Don’t worry, she’s had eggs before and seem to handle them well.

It’s been a weekend of sickness at the Cosby/Cockrill household. I have the flu and Howie’s been an awesome dad…giving me time to rest and watch the Gilmore Girls while he takes Eliza with him on errands and to social events. Anyway…I’m feeling kind of grumpy because I was on the mend this morning…but am back to achy with a sore throat tonight. Maybe a Flu Shot is recommendable after all.


You might be a dad if… September 27, 2009

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its a Saturday night and you’re picking up Disc 4 of”Gilmore Girls” at the video store because you’re just too tired to demand that Season 4 of “Battlestar” be the next binge-tastic DVD situation.


Inside the Box September 26, 2009

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(people say we monkey around…) September 25, 2009

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9.24.09 – Septembarrrr, originally uploaded by howiecockrill.


The New Patio September 24, 2009

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Two weeks ago, my mom, my stepdad, Kirk, Natalie and Eliot came out to visit. Howie’s not here today so I can’t upload the amazing photoshoot of the cousins in their monkey sweaters. But I can extend the warmest ‘thank you’ to Kirk who helped us improve our backyard 100%. It was his idea to go ahead and put pavers down on the rock garden that was our back yard. He also took the initiative to take us to the hardware store and pick out the right ones. Natalie helped us by lending us her zip car membership. And then we built the masterpiece.

Here’s a photo spread:

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Eliza’s Teeth and Sleepy Time

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Eliza has been more fussy the last couple days. She’s also been skipping naps according to Ghennet our nanny So we’ve been watching out for new teeth. She already has two little guys on the bottom that poke out and make her look like a tiny hippopotamus.

Not sleeping during the day makes her more tired and cranky at night. But Eliza is not one to cry for long periods of time or need to be held or nursed. Even though we desperately want to snuggle the fuss out of her..She basically needs her space.

Case in point: Last night Eliza was playing with me upstairs in her room. We were doing the basic “pick-the-ball-up-and-drop-it” game. And also singing a chorus of our favorite song “Da-da-da.” When she started to get a little cranky. Laugh a little, cry a little, stand up, sit down, try to get comfortable, rub my eyes. Repeat. I decided to stop intervening in her set of behaviors. Eventually she crawled over to her crib, found a pacifier, put it in her mouth and looked back at me. “Oh,” I thought, “you want to go to sleep.” So I lifted her up in the bed and placed her on her hands and knees. She laid down on her belly and put her head to the side and closed her eyes. Within 5 minutes…zzzzzzzzzzz.

Howie said he’s actually played with her upstairs when she just suddenly laid down on the floor with her head to the side and looked at him as if to say, “I’m exhausted, Daddy…is it okay if we pick this game up again tomorrow?”

I’m grateful for our little sleeper. Even if she still won’t snuggle with me.