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Sleepless in Hilton Head January 3, 2010

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It’s 10:21 in Berkeley and 1:21 here in Hilton Head. It’s been a whirlwind trip east that is finally whirl-winding down.

We arrived in Atlanta on the 25th and spent time with hordes of family members…graciously hosted by my aunt Sally and uncle Jim. Then we drove east 5 hours to their house in Hilton Head for a reunion of Howie’s Davidson crew. I’m sure a summation of the two trips will be forthcoming. Howie has enough pictures to paper the interior of our house.

Tonight I’m laying awake thinking of all the things to do back in the bay area…re-order the house, make time for the farmer’s markets, get back to work, find a baby seat for my bike, see what’s left of my garden, reunite with friends…and so on and so forth. My mind is a-buzzing. I tried counting down backward…but then my mind wandered to the blog. That’s something else I need to do…start blogging.

So here I am, 1:30 am on the east coast almost exactly one year after Eliza was born. Back on the blog…thinking about stuff…sharing stuff.

Eliza has become a wonderful, chatty, engaging, gaze-holding, one-year-old. The changes that have taken place in her over the past month are monumental. She’s so much more communicative…so much more active…so much more child-like. Hence the plans for the bike seat.

Tonight is a great example of the changes that have taken place. At bed time, I got Eliza for her last nursing til morning. She was asleep when I got her out of the crib…and I nursed her quietly while reading. At some point, Howie also came to bed. When Eliza was finished nursing she drunkenly looked up and saw Howie. She crawled across the bed to him with her eyes half-closed and said “Daddy.” Then she pulled herself close to him using his shirt and said “daddy” and hugged him close. He snuggled her back and said “I love you.” She looked in his eyes and touched his beard and smiled and said his name over and over. I’m not going to lie…there was a tear in my eye watching her communicate so clearly with her dad.

Okay that’s it for now. Stay tuned for new pics and vids.


Halloweeliza November 3, 2009

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We had a great time on Eliza Jane’s first Halloween.  Joined by our friends Ed and Lamar – we toodled around Berkeley’s hottest Halloween neighborhood, and then went to a party at Hannah and Nick’s.  Eliza was a pegasus.  Kate was a witch.  I was a farmer.


Muddie’s Visit and Savory Food October 14, 2009

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We were very lucky to receive a visit from Muddie (Eliza’s paternal grandmother) this weekend. Muddie was also lucky as Eliza is at the cutest/funnest/most delightful age.

She giggles. She snuggles. She grabs on to your hair and teeth. She makes eye contact and says ‘mama’ and ‘dad.’ She even took some of her first independent steps.

Eliza has also finally indicated some taste in food. I made this delicious curried lentil soup with coconut milk and chard. She LOVED it. I also made a pot pie which she seems to enjoy. And, like all children everywhere…Eliza loves Muddie bread. Catherine made us several loaves from an old family recipe from Howie’s grandmother (also nee Muddie). Muddie Sr. won people over with her simple bread recipe made with flour, yeast and just a little bit of bacon grease. Mmmmmmmmmmmuddie.

So I think we’ve won Eliza over with the savory foods. Now it’s a battle between us and the ants over the savory bits she drops on the floor.


Spirited Family Fun

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Baby Katie September 29, 2009

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I know she looks a LOT like Howie. But I did find this one picture where I think she…I mean she looks a little like me right? Right, guys?


Actually looking at this picture it’s amazing…because I’m probably like 5 or 6 months old but I have pretty long hair. And it’s brown.

Eliza’s got this thick straight blond hair. “Cosby hair” we think. My niece Hannah had this kind of hair. This past summer when Eliza and I went to Muir Woods with the Wogslands my cousin Cara reminded me what gorgeous-long-beautiful-amazing-adult-like hair my niece Hannah had when she was only 2 years old. She had a page boy with bangs when some other toddlers are still growing fuzz.

Eliza’s is still catching up lengthwise but it is very densely packed on her head. When I nurse her I run my fingers through her hair trying to find the lingering evidence of cradle cap…but it’s kind of lost in the bushiness of it all.

She’s a gorgeous kid.


Dinner for Three September 28, 2009

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Don’t worry, she’s had eggs before and seem to handle them well.

It’s been a weekend of sickness at the Cosby/Cockrill household. I have the flu and Howie’s been an awesome dad…giving me time to rest and watch the Gilmore Girls while he takes Eliza with him on errands and to social events. Anyway…I’m feeling kind of grumpy because I was on the mend this morning…but am back to achy with a sore throat tonight. Maybe a Flu Shot is recommendable after all.


Eliza will hate us for this… August 6, 2009

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